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Korea Testing Institutes -Risk Concerned Products

  •   12 Aug 2016
  •    Nadine He

    Accredited Institutes for High Risk Concerned Products under K-REACH

    Reference: K-REACH Helpdesk

    No.Institute’s Name (Korean)Institute’s Name (English)Contact Info (Tel/Skype)
    1한국환경산업기술원Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI)02-6921-3200
    2한국환경공단Korea Environment Corporation032-590-4880
    3한국건설생활환경시험연구원Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL)02-2102-2682, 2673
    4한국기계전기전자시험연구원Korea Testing Certification(KTC) 031-428-3800,3818
    5한국의류시험연구원Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI)031-596-5639,5628
    6한국화학융합시험연구원Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR)02-2164-1407
    7(재)FITI시험연구원FITI Testing & Research Institute043-711-8887, 8867
    8KOTITI시험연구원KOTITI Testing & Research Institute+82-2-3451-7000

    According to the Designation of Risk Concerned Products and the Safety and Labeling Standards, manufacture or importation of high risk concerned products should conduct product testing in the above qualified labs every three years to verify compliance with the safety and labeling standards and keep testing reports for inspections.

    Risk concerned products designated by MOE include:

    Designated Products of Risk ConcernDetergent productCoating Adhesive productAir freshener productDye productBiocidal productOthers

    (1) Cleaners
    (2) Synthetic detergents
    (3) Bleaching agents
    (4) Fabric softeners
    (5)Windshield washer fluids for automobiles

    (1) Coating agents
    (2) Anti-rust additives
    (3) Anti-fogging agents
    (4) Adhesives
    (5) Ironing auxiliaries
    (6) Gap and crack fillers

    (1) Air fresheners
    (2) Deodorizing agents

    (1) Colorant/decolorant agents
    (2) Tattoo inks
    (3) Ink cartridges and toners
    (1) Disinfectants
    (2) Insect repellents
    (3) Preservatives
    (4) Algicide
    (1) Candle
    (2) Dehumidifying agent for home use
    (3) Engine antifreeze coolants