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  •  24 Apr 2013      3585

    As an senior regulatory analyst working in the field for many years, I would like to share my opinion about issues surrounding the revision of the Catalogue, based on my knowledge of governmental decision-making mechanism and all relevant information collected from various sources. The obstacles

  •  3 Apr 2013      2912

    Pictogram means a graphical composition that may include a symbol plus other graphic elements, such as a border, background pattern or colour that is intended to convey specific information. There are two sets of hazard pictograms: one for the labelling of containers and for workplace hazard

  •  29 Mar 2013  Sunny Wang    1155

    In order to ensure the safety transportation of dangerous goods, no person could transport dangerous goods unless they are properly marked, labeled or placarded, described and certified on a transport document according to the relevant transport regulation.

  •  29 Mar 2013  Echo Cao    1377

    The  freight volume of dangerous goods imported and exported in China has soared in recent years, bringing with it the numerous pitfalls and potential risks. It has however provided a key impetus for China's Government to update or reformulate related regulations and standards in line with

  •  14 Mar 2013  Sunny Wang    1155

    China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) issued on 31 Nov 2012 the Administrative Measures for the Determination of Appraisal Institutions of Transport Conditions of Goods Carried by Vessels as the guidance for provincial MSAs to evaluate the appraisal institutions.

  •  5 Feb 2013      3729

    2012 has been a fruitful year for China’s hazardous chemicals management and GHS development. 2012 saw a string of weighty administrative measures, national standards and chemical inventories promulgated or entered into force. Major legislative development was centered upon the registration of

  •  8 Jan 2013  Mary Lin    1742

    The major revision of China's Measures on the Environment Management of New Chemical Substances came into force in October 2010, (hereinafter “Measures”) has significantly impacted manufacturers and importers of new chemicals in China as well as manufacturers outside China.  
  •  19 Dec 2012  Chen Jinhe    3367

    A number of inventories involved in the management of hazardous chemicals compiled by different authorities are combed with a “historical review” in this article. Meanwhile, the inventories/catalogues newly developed since the enactment of the “Regulations on the Control over Safety of Hazardous

  •  11 Dec 2012      1996

    With the implementation of “Regulation on the Control over safety of Hazardous Chemicals (Decree 591)” on 1 December 2011, China has entered a new stage of management on hazardous chemicals. As stipulated in the Decree 591, the environmental Protection authority shall be responsible for the

  •  7 Dec 2012      1943

    On 29 Dec 2011, China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) and General Administration of Customs (GAC) jointly issued the “Adjustment of 2012 Catalogue of Entry-Exit Commodities Inspected and Quarantined by the Competent Entry-Exit Inspection and