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  •  28 Sep 2014      1992

    Many Asian countries have started processes to implement GHS their local regulations. This article summarizes the status of implementation and enforcement of some of the main Asian countries.

  •  4 Aug 2014  Chen Ying    2858

    Takehome: In China NCSN mixtures are categorized as “substances without unique molecular structure.” In China NCSN successful notification of mixtures requires a solid plan strategy and careful selection of testing method. An intentionally blended products cannot be regarded as a mixture
  •  25 Jul 2014  Jane Zhou    2659

    Measures for the Environmental Management Registration of Hazardous Chemicals (Trial) (a.k.a. MEP Order 22) came into force from Mar 1st, 2013, with the goal of improving China’s environmental management of hazardous chemicals. Since MEP Order 22 has not yet been put into full scale implementation

  •  8 Jul 2014      1748

    The last change and development of china disinfectants management are frequent and significant. what has  happened and what's the new requirements of regulatory compliance in china? what's the most relevant issues?

  •  16 Jun 2014  Christine Lepisto    2889

    The United States of America (USA) has joined many other countries in adopting t

  •  4 May 2014  Ema Huang    1395

    The first China pesticide approval council since the implementation of China’s first regulations on pesticide solve

  •  30 Apr 2014  Sha DU    1955

    It has been more than one year since MEP started to implement the Measures for the Registration of Hazardous Chemicals for Environmental Management (trial) (MEP order 22). Only recently in April, 2014 did the Ministry officially issue the List of Hazardous Chemicals of Priority Environmental

  •  10 Apr 2014  Nadine He    3179

    Polymer registration is of crucial concern for the chemical industry. Under K-REACH, only polymers designated as priority substances or new chemical substances require registration. Unlike EU REACH, polymers will be individually registered instead of monomer registration. 
  •  14 Mar 2014  Hedwig Beernaert    3217

    In the seventies the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America (USA) detected some cases of fraud involving data generated by toxicology labs which was submitted to the FDA by pharmaceutical companies. In a certain laboratory thousands of safety tests for chemical

  •  26 Dec 2013      3498

    China adopted new chemical substance notification approach in 2003. It follows the principle of “prevention” and pay close attention on the unknown risks posed by new chemicals so as to have an effective management of them. Human being’s ever-growing demand for new materials, products with special