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    MEP Revised Permits System for Hazardous Chemicals Operation

      January 17, 2018    Matt Lu

    On Dec 22nd, 2017, the Ministry of Environmental Protection published a draft revision of the Measures and sought opinion from public. A new permit is introduced and some administrative procedures are simplified.
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    Singapore to Control SCCP as Hazardous Substances

      January 17, 2018    Ying Zhang

    The National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore has notified the WTO TBT Committee of its intention to control short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP) as Hazardous Substances (HS). It will come into force in June 2018.
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    South Korea Appends Existing Chemical Inventory

      January 17, 2018    Nadine He

    Published on 15 Jan 2018 by MoE Announcement No.2018-11, 54 non-toxic chemical substances (Given No. 2017-3-7206 ~ 2017-3-7259) were officially added to South Korea's Existing Chemical Substance Inventory (KECI).
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    Thailand Published 4th Edition of List of Hazardous Chemicals

      January 17, 2018    Matt Lu

    On Jan 11th, 2018, Thailand Ministry of Industry (MOI) issued a government gazette detailing changes to the List of Hazardous Substances under the Hazardous Substances Control Act (HSCA). This is the 3rd time that MOI issued an official gazette to revise the...
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    China MEP implements 7 Technical Specifications on Non-Ferrous Metal Industry

      January 11, 2018    Ying Zhang

    On December 27, 2017, China MEP released 7 technical specifications on non-ferrous metal industry. The specifications went into effect immediately.
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    AQSIQ Release 2017 Food Related Products National Sampling Results

      January 10, 2018    Yilia Ye

    On Dec. 27, 2017, China AQSIQ released the sampling results of food related products in 2017, involving plastic food related products, paper and paperboard materials and articles for food contact use, and food machinery.
  • Taiwan: Inclusion of Registered New Chemical Substances in TCSI

      22 Jan 2018   Nadine He

    Taiwan’s new chemical registration system has been implemented since the end of 2014. There is increased demand from the industry for listing registered new chemical substances into Taiwan’s existing chemical substance inventory (TCSI). 1. New chemical qualified for listing into TCSI ... 2. TCSI inclusion procedures ......
  • An Analysis of China New Food Contact Material Substances in 2017

      17 Jan 2018   lily li

    In 2017, 9 applications for new FCM new substances were accepted by the NHFPC, 26 new FCM varieties were opened for public feedback, and 20 new substances used in food contact materials granted approval. This article summarizes new substance registration of 2017, and probes into approval, product usage, product type and applicants of these new FCM varieties.
  • K-REACH: Enforcement Degree Amendments

      9 Jan 2018   Nadine He

    The Enforcement Decree of the Act on Registration and Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances (hereafter referred to as K-REACH Enforcement Decree) was revised on 26 Dec 2017 by Presidential Decree No. 28502. The updates came into effect immediately except for Article 31 Paragraph 4 and 5 which took effect since 1 Jan 2018. K-REACH was revised on 27 Jan 2016 and the updates came into...
  • Introduction to the Implementation of GHS in Asia Pacific Countries

      6 Dec 2017   aibin nan

    Over the last several years there has been a global focus on development of stronger more scientific regulations on chemical safety management. Over the years, many countries and organizations have enacted laws, regulations and standards for classification and labelling of chemicals, but there are differences in terms of classification standards and labeling patterns in each region. The...
  • China’s Pollutants Emission Management: Regulation and Compliance

      20 Nov 2017   Ying Zhang

    Pollutants emission management system, the core policy of management of solid source emission, is a commonly adopted regulatory mechanism articulated within the environmental laws of different countries and regions. In China, the permit system has been implemented since the 1980’s.In recent...
  • Amendments on Data Requirements for China New Chemical Notification

      29 Aug 2017   Nadine He

    The amendments on data requirements in China’s New Substance Notification Guidance were published on Aug 28th 2017 as an individual announcement (MEP Announcement No.42 of 2017), rather than being published as part of the full document of the revised Guidance. The amendments will take effect from Oct...