• Germany conference
  • Introduction to the Implementation of GHS in Asia Pacific Countries

      6 Dec 2017   aibin nan

    Over the last several years there has been a global focus on development of stronger more scientific regulations on chemical safety management. Over the years, many countries and organizations have enacted laws, regulations and standards for classification and labelling of chemicals, but there are differences in terms of classification standards and labeling patterns in each region. The...
  • China’s Pollutants Emission Management: Regulation and Compliance

      20 Nov 2017   Ying Zhang

    Pollutants emission management system, the core policy of...
  • Amendments on Data Requirements for China New Chemical Notification

      29 Aug 2017   Nadine He

    The amendments on data requirements in China’s New Substance Notification Guidance were published on Aug 28th 2017 as an individual announcement (MEP Announcement No.42 of 2017), rather than being published as part of the full document of the revised Guidance. The amendments will take effect from Oct...
  • Taiwan to Revise New and Existing Chemical Registration Regulation

      27 Jul 2017   Nadine He

    Taiwan EPA is to revise the Regulation of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration (EPA’s regulation). The draft amendments were introduced by Taiwan EPA at a seminar held in Taipei on 18 Jul 2017, including some significant changes to hazard...
  • How Will Potential Titanium Dioxide Restrictions in Europe Affect China?

      25 Jul 2017   Matt Lu

    ECHA published on its website on Jun 9th 2017 that the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) concluded that the available scientific evidence met the criteria in the CLP Regulation to classify Titanium...
  • Individual Registration Dossier Submission Strictly Controlled by ECHA

      31 May 2017   Stella Lu

    Recently, our company REACH24h was notified by ECHA regarding the substances which REACH24H is the lead registrant on behalf of our Non-EU clients. The communication letter detailed that for registrants of the same substance, joint submission obligation has been breached since ECHA received submission of separate registrations for the same substance. All registrants that violate the rule are...