• Taiwan Details Supporting Measures for Registration of Existing Chemicals

      28 Aug 2018   lynn liang

    Taiwan EPA held a briefing session on supporting measures for registration of existing chemicals on Aug 22, 2018 with the aim of helping stakeholders understand standard registration measures before implementation of the new regulation, and to aid in timely preparation of documentation and data. The meeting was attended by both enterprises and industry representatives.
  • China's MEE: A Look at China's New Environmental Protection Ministry

      22 Aug 2018   Ying Zhang

    China has disbanded the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and established a new ministry- the ministry of Ecology and Environmental (MEE). The detailed plan was not released until recently, which specifies the responsibilities, subordinate branches and MEE staff (三定方案).
  • A Summary of China Local Regulations on VOCs Emission

      12 Jul 2018   Ying Zhang

    This article will summarize China’s provincial or local standards regulating VOCs emissions in key cities/provinces.
  • Chinese MEE Put Sky-high Risks on Environmental Monitor Staff

      29 Jun 2018   Matt Lyu

    Chinese MEE issued a notice requiring stricter management over environmental quality monitoring facilities and organizations. Staff for producing monitor data would be lifetime accountable for the authenticity.
  • A Summary of China National Regulations on VOCs

      31 May 2018   Ying Zhang

    The following is a list of 15 regulations or projects on VOCs emission management in China listed in chronological order of implementation/development.
  • Taiwan Issues Draft Amendments of New and Existing Chemical Registration Regulation

      12 Apr 2018   Nadine He

    Taiwan EPA issued on 29 Mar 2018 the draft revisions to the Regulation of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration. The draft proposal is currently undergoing a 60-day public consultation. The Regulation of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration has been implemented...