• China Consults on New Chemical Regular Notifications to Be Approved

      November 14, 2018    Nadine He    30

    On 12 Nov 2018, China MEE issued the 10th batch of China new chemical substance notifications (China NCSN, a.k.a China REACH) to be approved in 2018 for public consultation. The consultation will close on 14 Nov 2018.
  • 15 Substances Appended to South Korea’s GHS Classification List

      November 13, 2018    Nadine He    238

    On Nov 5th, 2018, South Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) announced by NIER Announcement No. 2018-44 the updates to the GHS Classification List.
  • Taiwan to Tighten Management on Three POPs

      November 12, 2018    Nadine He    308

    Takehome: Three POPs will be subject to tightened regulation under Taiwan’s Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act. Taiwan’s Toxic Chemical Substance List will be updated accordingly. Transitional period will be provided for compliance. Short-chain chlorinated...
  • China Consults on Administration of Pollutants Emission Permit Regulations

      November 12, 2018    lynn liang    288

    On Nov 5th, 2018, MEE published the draft Regulations on Administration of Pollutants Emission Permit (hereinafter “the Regulation”) (排污许可管理条例). Public consultation will end on Dec 6th, 2018. Feedbacks will be collected by the contact below:
  • Japan to Implement Positive List System for Food Contact Materials

      November 7, 2018    lynn liang    1056

    On Jun 13th, 2018, Japan published the revised Food Sanitation Law. In the amended version, Japan introduced the positive list system for food contact material to replace the current negative list. Recently on October 15th, 2018 Japan held technical seminars related...
  • Revised K-REACH: New Substance Notification Requirements Beginning 1st Jan 2019

      November 7, 2018    Nadine He    445

    When the revised K-REACH comes into effect (1 Jan 2019), new chemicals meeting the following criteria will be subject to notification rather than registration. New chemical substances<100kg/y New polymers which are composed of existing chemical substances,...
  • Chemical Management in Philippine

      7 Nov 2018   lynn liang

    RA 6969, known as the "Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990", is the key legislation on management of chemical substances and mixtures in Philippine published by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources  (DENR). In 1992, DENR further promulgated...
  • Philippine’s Pre-Manufacture and Pre-Importation Notification (PMPIN) of New Chemical Substances

      7 Nov 2018   lynn liang

    PMPIN, Pre-Manufacture and Pre-Importation Notification is a prerequisite for any chemicals entering the Philippine’s market (specific exemptions applicable). The main objective is to ensure that new chemicals that pose an unreasonable risk to human health...
  • Philippine Inventory of Chemical and Chemical Substance (PICCS)

      7 Nov 2018   lynn liang

    The Philippine Inventory of Chemicals and Chemical Substances (PICCS) is a list of all existing chemicals and chemical substances used, sold, distributed, imported, processed, manufactured, stored, exported, treated or transported in the Philippines.
  • K-REACH Pre-registration: Concise Overview of Critical Checkpoints

      31 Oct 2018   Nadine He

    The Act on Registration, Evaluation and etc. of Chemicals (a.k.a “K-REACH”) has been revised and will come into effect on 1 Jan 2019. The...
  • Japan CSCL Recent Updates

      23 Oct 2018   lynn liang

    The Japanese “Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc.” is better known as the “Chemical Substance Control Law” (CSCL). Since its enactment in 1973, it has imposed strict pre-market evaluation of chemical...
  • China Scales Back Pollution Control Campaign to Offset Impact of US Tariffs

      22 Oct 2018   Matt Lyu

    Recently, Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) jointly issued a notice on the work plan of air pollution control in the autumn and winter between 2018 and 2019 in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area (关于印发《京津冀及周边地区2018-2019年秋冬季大气污染综合治理攻坚行动方案》的通知), with a number...