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    Thailand Inventory Nomination: How To Create An Account

      December 7, 2016    Matt Lu

    The importer and manufacturer must have an account before they can notify their substances through the Annex 5.6 notification. ChemLinked summarized the process and required documents for account creation.

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    Thailand DIW Specifies CBI Protection Requirements

      December 5, 2016    Matt Lu

    DIW has received a lot of inquires about CBI protection. But many manufacturers provided incomplete data which slowed down the procedure. To make things clear for the enterprises and save time for both industry and the authority, DIW issued an announcement and further specified some requirements related to CBI procedure as follows.

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    K-REACH: 277 PECs Have Lead Registrant Elected

      December 1, 2016    Nadine He

    The 10th round of Lead Registrant (LR) election for priority existing chemical substances (PECs) under K-REACH has finished. Announced on 30 Nov 2016, the election results for 13 PECs were published, including CAS No., chemical name, date of LR determination, and the name of LR. 

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    China Improves Pollutants Emission Management System

      November 30, 2016    Matt Lu

    China’s State Council published the Implementation Program of Pollutants Emission Permit System. The program is another step in China’s multipronged plan to optimize pollutant control systems. The publication follows the publication of The Environmental Protection Law, the revision of Environmental Impact Assessment Law and the preparation of Environmental Protection Tax.