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What is ChemLinked Chemical Portal?

ChemLinked Chemical Portal was created by REACH24H to meet the massive and largely unanswered demand for quality and dependable China and Asian chemical regulatory and compliance information. ChemLinked boasts a multidisciplinary team of scientists, compliance specialists and language experts backed by the vastly experienced technical teams at REACH24H ensuring our customers get the most authoritative information and dependable consultancy from the most experienced chemical regulatory experts. 


What does ChemLinked Chemical Portal Provide?

  • Regulatory News Updates
  • Regulatory Database
  • Inventory Toolbox
  • Newsletter
  • ChemPedia
  • E-Translation
  • Expert Articles
  • Translation Services
  • Webinars
  • One-to-One Expert Consultant Services
  • Upcoming Regulatory Events Alerts.




Added Value:

Our mission is to provide crucial and always dependable regulatory information and to provide all the necessary tools and information for efficient and economical regulatory compliance.

  • We monitor the most recent regulatory issues from over 150 Asian authorities to keep you alert to any changes in market access requirements or mandatory regulatory compliance obligations.
  • We collect and compile the otherwise loosely organized regulations and inventories from multiple sources, analyze their history and influences and report the most vital information in an easily understandable format.
  • Our top regulatory experts share their in-depth interpretation and extensive practical compliance experience.
  • We offer problem orientated one-to-one troubleshooting sessions aimed at dealing with difficult situations.
  • We regularly engage with Chinese authorities on revisions to technical guidelines and regulations and has also been involved in an advisory capacity during the development of many of the regulations underpinning China’s chemical regulatory framework.


Regulatory compliance is the key to the door of the AP market and where regulatory compliance and experience is concerned…ChemLinked is Key.

ChemLinked is based in China, our office hour is 9:00 - 17:30 GMT+8 Beijing time.

Add: 14th Floor, Building 3, Haichuang Technology Center, No.1288 West Wen Yi Road, Hangzhou, China (311121)
Phone: +86 571 8609 4444
Fax:     +86 571 8700 7566 
Email:  contact@chemlinked.com