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China Adds 45 Substances to Existing Chemical Inventory

  •   30 Nov 2018
  •    Nadine He
  •    1912
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    • 45 chemical substances previously finished China’s new chemical notification were supplemented to IECSC.
    • They will be regulated as existing chemical substances and there will be no tonnage limit.
    • More and more new chemical substances qualified are waiting to be listed into IECSC.

    Published on Nov 21st, 2018 by MEE Announcement No. 2018-58, 45 chemical substances were officially added to China’s Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances (IECSC). The substances details can be accessed here.

    These substances were notified previously under China’s new chemical notification system and five years have passed since they were first manufactured or imported, of which 2 substances were notified under MEP Order 7 (Measures for the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances) and the other 43 substances were notified under SEPA Order 17 (the precursor of MEP Order 7). These chemicals will be regulated as existing chemical substances and there will be no tonnage limit.

    * The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), previously known as the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) before March of 2008, was disbanded and replaced by a new ministry called the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) in March 2018. The future regulation on new chemicals notification will appear as MEE order.

    For the 43 substances notified under SEPA Order 17, there are no environmental management categories (i.e. general, hazardous, and hazardous of environmental concern) indicated since the original regulation hasn’t adopted such concepts. For the 2 substances notified through Regular Notification under MEP Order 7, they are classified as “hazardous of priority environmental concern” and “hazardous” respectively. For the hazardous substance of priority environmental concern, the use is explicitly specified as “used as pigment additive for printing ink”. There are 6 of the 45 substances listed confidentially with the generic name and serial number only.

    Notifiers are recommended to prepare the relevant materials for listing substances into the IECSC in advance and submit them to the SCC six months prior to the end of the five-year period from the first date of their manufacture or importation. However, for general new chemical substances notified under MEP Order 7, they will be included into the IECSC automatically without additional applications.

    We can expect more and more new chemical substances qualified to be added dynamically into the IECSC, thus confirmation of whether your substance is still a new substance is essential before entering the Chinese market.

    The last update to the IECSC was made in March of 2016, adding 31 substances (ChemLinked News).

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