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Singapore Requires Safety Cases from Major Hazard Installations

  •   1 Sep 2017
  •    Matt Lu
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    On Sep 1st 2017, the Workplace Safety and Health (Major Hazard Installations) Regulations 2017 introduced by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) took effect requiring a series of compliance duties on Major Hazard Installations (MHIs) in Singapore.

    Among the duties, the core element is the preparation and submission of the “safety case”. A Safety Case is a structured set of documents that:

    • Identifies the hazards and risk that may lead to a major accident;
    • Shows how the risks are reduced and controlled;
    • Describes the safety management system is applied in a consistent and effective manner;
    • Proves that all major accident risks are as low as reasonably practicable.

    A MHI is defined as a premises where there is processing, manufacturing or bulk storage of the hazardous substances regulated by the government. In Singapore, most of the MHIs are petroleum refining facilities, petrochemical manufacture facilities, chemical processing plants and the installations where large quantities of toxic and flammable substances are stored or used.

    The safety case should be submitted by the MHIs. Because the MHIs in Singapore have different operating ways and manners, MOM doesn’t set a rigid example or form of how the safety case should be like. MHIs are given flexibility to determine how to organize the information in their safety cases. (Click here to see the technical guide of the safety case by MOM).

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