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Taiwan's Existing Chemicals Inventory to Be Corrected

  •   19 Sep 2016
  •    Nadine He
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    It has been one year since Taiwan’s Existing Chemical Substance Inventory (TCSI) was last updated in Sep 2015 (See ChemLinked news). The authority recently launched a survey on the substances already listed on the TCSI to correct their chemical name, CAS No. or serial No. if there are any mistakes. Stakeholders are welcome to submit feedbacks to ecn@osha.gov.tw before 31 Oct 2016. For any further comments, please contact the authority via Tel: 06-2937770.

    The TCSI currently contains around 101,089 substances following 3 rounds of nominations held by the MoL and the supplementation program held by the EPA. The current TCSI is available on CSNN website for online search via the below link: https://csnn.osha.gov.tw/content/home/Substance_Home.aspx.

    The MoL’s nomination includes the Existing Chemical Substance Nomination (ECN), the first Supplementary Existing Chemical Substance Nomination (SECN) and the Second SECN (SSECN) conducted in 2010, 2012 and 2014 respectively. The EPA’s supplementation program ended on 31 Mar 2015.

    The TCSI serves as the basis for judging whether a substance is regulated as a new or existing chemical. New substances registered under Taiwan REACH subject to standard registration or PLC(polymer of low concern) registration will be incorporated into the TCSI after 5 years. 

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