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  • South Korea Issues 364 CMR Substances for Registration By 2021

      1 Jan 2019   Nadine He

    Takehome: The CMRs subject to registration by 31 Dec 2021 have been designated and notified by the MOE. Pre-registration is necessary to be eligible for the registration grace period. On 28 Dec 2018, South...
  • China Unearths Toxic Landfill Scandal with Major Environmental and Public Health Ramifications

      1 Jan 2019   Nadine He

    Takehome: Chinese authorities unearthed a major environmental scandal involving the illegal use of thousands of tons of toxic waste materials in a land reclamation project in Taixing City, Jiangsu. In an attempt to defraud and...
  • China to Adjust the 2019 Import/Export Tariffs

      28 Dec 2018   lynn liang

    On Dec 22, Department of Customs of the Chinese Ministry of Finance published the adjustment scheme on 2019 import/export tariffs. Adjustments will be conducted in two stages involving the temporary tariff rate, conventional tariff...
  • China RoHS 2 Catalogue and Exemption List Scheduled to Take Effect in March 2019

      28 Dec 2018   Nora Wang

    MIIT officially released the qualification management catalogue (first batch) of China RoHS 2 and its exemption list.
  • China Requires Certificate Holders of New Chemical Substances to Submit Annual Reports

      25 Dec 2018   Nadine He

    Takehome: China SCC issued a notice to remind enterprise of the deadline for submission of annual reports of new chemical substances. Failure to submit the annual report is subject to a fine up to RMB 10,000.
  • South Korea Designates 8 New Toxic Chemicals

      19 Dec 2018   Nadine He

    Takehome: Eight new substances were listed as toxic chemical substances after hazard evaluation under K-REACH. Transitional measures were provided for control of these toxic substances. On Dec 19th,...
  • China Consults on Emission Standards for Odor Pollutants

      14 Dec 2018   lynn liang

    On Dec 3, China MEE opened a period of public consultation on the draft Emission standard for odor pollutants. Public consultation will end on Jan 15, 2019.
  • China Issues Registration Certificates for New Chemical Substances

      14 Dec 2018   Nadine He

    On 12 Dec 2018, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) issued the 11th batch of regular notifications (click here) and the 20th batch of simplified...
  • 23 Dead in China’s Latest Chemical Accident

      12 Dec 2018   lynn liang

    On Nov 28th, in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province China, a fire caused by ignition of leaked vinyl chloride  was responsible for the deaths of 23 people, a further 22 people were seriously injured.
  • Thailand Consults on Revisions to Hazardous Substances Act

      12 Dec 2018   Matt Lyu

    On Dec 4th, 2018, Thailand Hazardous Substances Management Division under the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) opened the draft revisions to the Hazardous Substances Act to public consultation. The consultation period will end on Dec 14th, 2018.


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